What Is The Climate Like To Buy Or Sell?

When the season is right…when the climate reaches that optimum place for you to Buy or Sell your home, everything slips into place.  Give me a call and I’ll help you read the signs of your neighborhood’s climate, match that with your plans, and see if it’s the right time for you to make a move.

Call me the weatherman….I’ll forecast your homeownership future with you!

Seller Beware!

I love when my clients ask, “I have this much debt, and that much savings.  What should I do?”
Or, “We need this and that done to the house before we list it, but we can only afford one. What should we do?”
Or, “I think we need to XYZ or we won’t <insert result here.>  What should we do?”

The key to all those is that my clients ASK me what they should do before going out and just doing things that might or might not benefit them as they move forward.

I’m your Champion with Real Estate and Mortgage.  Paying off debt is important, and having cash reserves to qualify for a mortgage is important.  Fixing a leaky toilet is important, and painting a garage door is important.  Buying matching gold-tone bathroom and kitchen faucets to improve the hand-washing experience may not be critical in order to get top dollar selling your home. (True scenario!)   Or a 7-year old air conditioner that works fine for you may not need replacing for $2,400 when a $500 Home Warranty will protect you and the buyer. (Another true scenario!)

Take a quick look at this video, and be sure to give me a call to ask me, “What should we do?”