Homebuyer Blunders

When it comes to buying or selling a house, financing or refinancing, managing a rental…..OK let’s face it, anything having to do with Real Estate can go wrong if we’re not careful.  Take a look at some of these Homebuyer blunders to make sure you don’t do the same.

What Is The Climate Like To Buy Or Sell?

When the season is right…when the climate reaches that optimum place for you to Buy or Sell your home, everything slips into place.  Give me a call and I’ll help you read the signs of your neighborhood’s climate, match that with your plans, and see if it’s the right time for you to make a move.

Call me the weatherman….I’ll forecast your homeownership future with you!

Does Home Size Equal Success?

Homeownership is the American Dream, and for good reason!  Owning your own “Piece of the Pie,” means it’s yours, and comes with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities attached to it.  Among those rights are privacy, security, and the right to live peacefully in your home.

Another American Dream — more like a nightmare — slinks in through the cracks too: “Keeping Up With The Jones’.”  I think that unless they have the exact same history, current situation, and future goals, keeping up with anybody is stupid.  Lay out YOUR dream, and don’t worry if your house is bigger, your watch is more expensive, or your car is newer.  Be happy! Love your loved ones! Do well AND do good!

Agent, Broker, and Realtor

Here is a great explanation of the differences between Agent/Licensees, Brokers, and Realtors.

Also, I’ve got a safety warning on this video. Sellers (and agents too!) be careful out there!

Beyond Curb Appeal

If all the stories about climates changing and the world’s temperatures, you can imagine that someday our grandchildren’s grandchildren will hear stories of how people used to actually *grow* their own grass right in front of their homes just for decoration and enjoyment.

There are some practical reasons to take care of a yard too!

Did I Mention We’re A Dog Family?

We love dogs.  Okay, my wife Karen, and our daughter Alissa, have always had a cat too, but notice I say *they* had cats.  They have loved their cats, so ok: the cats get an honorable mention. Together though, our family is a dog family.

(Secretly, it’s because cats tolerate their owners, while dogs love them!)

Apparently, we’re not alone in loving our pets.  Take a look:

Aging Gracefully

This post could never be ONLY about the percentages. Why? We’re dealing with more than just aging people. We’re talking about citizens who lived through war, paid taxes for decades, remember gas under a dollar, and who have paid their dues in life already.  My opinion: if they want to grow old and fall asleep in their own bed each night until they wake up in heaven…that should be their choice!

My job allows me to finance things to help them do just that.